My name is Cheyenne Little. I'm 15 (almost 16) but now before you dismiss me please read this.

I began taking lessons at the age of 3 and new what I wanted to do from the start. English showing. When my family moved to a farm when I was 10 I was given my first pony for my 11th birthday. We did pony club and took several lessons a week on combined training (eventing) with trainer Lauren LoPicolo. He was an excellent horse and took me up to about 3ft.

For my 13th birthday I was given a 2 year old Arabian filly and a 10 year old Arabian mare. I trained the filly for several months. She was ready to go and was going to be my jumper. When she attempted to jump our 6 foot fence though she broke her leg and was euthanized that day. My other mare was a national champion halter Arabian. She had broke her leg before being given to me though and was not sound for jumping, only flat work. I started her out not being able to get her to walk. 6 months later we were cantering through our pasture in a halter. We all have that one horse that clicks, she was mine.

Now I own her and a 2 year old  Quarter horse colt. I have done all of his training. He's ready to go, were just waiting for his knees to close to start him but he already wears a bridle and saddle (I use light racing saddles on the youngsters) comfortably when he's long lined and being worked on the ground. He is currently being backed and it's going quite well!

I don't know how many horses I've worked with and ridden in my life. I lost count a very long time ago. But I can say I think I've worked with every breed out there nearly. I've ridden and handled mares, geldings, and stallions.

I've trained with some of the top trainers around here such as Lauren LopPicolo, Anne Greco, Liz French, Chris Devere, Parkside Arabians, and more. I am currently riding the flats and doing halter at Rancho Murrieta, Brookside Equestrian center, and other places locally. I do dressage, flat hunters, and halter with my mare.

A far as riding I've done lots of disciplines! Hunter/jumper, combined training, dressage, cross country, trail riding, flat hunter, halter, gymkhana, western and english pleasure and equitation. Once I even ran barrels in an english saddle on a horse who couldn't stand them (we took 5th out of pro barrel racers!) You name it!

I've worked at a therapeutic riding center, as a stablehand/exercise rider, and trainer. I also work at a large Arabian show horse ranch during the summer and manage it while there gone competing, for sometimes weeks at a time. The farm has over 25 show horses. Colts, fillies, broodmares, stud horses, geldings, you name it! They compete in top shows including Canadian Nationals, US Nationals, and the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. They have some very excellent horses and have allowed me to learn so much over the past couple years. I use many of their methods while I'm training horses off their farm and can say the success has surely carried over!

I know you think I'm young at 15 but not really. I have a solid nearly 13 years of  horse experience from some of the best trainers. At one point I was taking sometimes more than 4 or 5 lessons a week. Please feel free to watch me ride. I'll even provide the first session free if you mention this blog!

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